Determined to successfully embrace M4.0, Cooley Group undertook a total operational transformation to create a collaborative culture that would drive long-term sustainable growth.

The shifting landscape of contemporary industry is profound enough to be deemed the fourth industrial revolution, or, as it’s referred to more colloquially, Manufacturing 4.0 or Industry 4.0. This historic fourth round is precipitated by a rapid increase in the use of digitization, artificial intelligence, and big data to enable more rational and effective business decision-making. This technological shift is not only putting companies’ bottom lines and corporate reputations at higher risk, but also challenging archaic doctrines in business leadership.

Conscientious companies are humbled by the ever-changing manufacturing environment. Rather than immediately succumbing to the peer pressure of adopting the latest digital manufacturing toy, Cooley resolved to look inward, viewing M4.0 as an opportunity to evolve our people, processes, and partners to the highest possible levels of operational efficiency. The result of this experiment in refined collaboration continues to unfold as we witness evergreen business successes, not to mention an overall increase in employee satisfaction in both our factories and our offices.

At Cooley, we define collaboration as the cross-functional and cross-cultural union of employees and business partners working collectively to achieve a mutually beneficial objective. With this idea in mind, we embarked on a total operational transformation.


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