Quick COVID-19 Resources to Keep You Informed

We know your time is especially limited during the rapidly developing COVID-19 pandemic. To help you stay informed, the NAM’s Manufacturing Leadership Council is launching a weekly series of quick, fact-filled info sheets.

These one-page resources contain tips, checklists and best practices about COVID-19 and how it affects manufacturing. They also include links to additional guidance from the NAM, CDC, OSHA, EPA and other authoritative sources.

The NAM and MLC are committed to helping manufacturers navigate COVID-19 to keep America running while keeping employees safe. For more COVID-19 information specifically for manufacturers, visit nam.org/coronavirus or participate in the peer-to-peer discussion forum at manufacturingleadershipcouncil.com/covid-19/.

RESOURCE: What Manufacturers are Doing When There is a Confirmed Case of COVID-19

When a manufacturer finds out there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 among someone who was in their facility, what happens next? The CDC has issued guidelines for cleaning and disinfection, such as closing down their workstation and using recommended sanitizing and disinfecting products.



RESOURCE: 6 Ways to Reduce Employee Anxiety During a Crisis

As shared in recent MLC and NAM webinars, manufacturers are making efforts to ease workers’ anxieties about coming to the workplace. These are six ways they are communicating their commitment to safety while also taking in employee feedback.




RESOURCE: Report on COVID-19 Hygiene Practices

What measures are manufacturers taking to protect their teams and plants from COVID-19? This infographic details some of the information shared about this topic on recent MLC Town Hall calls, including social distancing, PPE, and added sanitation practices.


RESOURCE: 5 Ways Manufacturers are Reassuring Essential Employees during COVID-19

With manufacturing on the front lines to the nation’s crisis response efforts, companies are finding it necessary to reassure their employees about safety at work. As shared by member companies in MLC and NAM webinars, this infographic gives details about how manufacturers are easing employee anxieties about coming to work, from more frequent cleaning routines to expanded communication efforts.




RESOURCE: Social Distancing and Manufacturers

The CDC has recommended six feet of social distancing to minimize the spread of COVID-19. How are manufacturers achieving that on the production floor, in shipping areas, and in offices and break rooms?


RESOURCE: Pivoting to Produce Critical COVID-19 Supplies

Many manufacturers have reconfigured their operations in order to provide PPE, medical supplies, and other response-critical materials and items. Here are some ideas that other manufacturers have shared about their shift to pandemic response efforts.


RESOURCE: 5 Considerations Manufacturers Are Making for the Path Ahead

Business closures, supply shortages, and other challenges have forced manufacturers to adapt and respond during the pandemic crisis. As companies make plans for bringing employees back to work, what considerations are they making for ensuring employee safety?