Accelerating Digital Transformation

As the world slowly begins to emerge from global disruption, the wave of digital transformation now sweeping through the manufacturing industry has become unstoppable. It will impact companies of every size, small, medium, and large; every sector in the industry; every function of an organization; every role, from leadership to shop floor colleague; and every stage of the end-to-end manufacturing value chain.

The MLC’s latest Critical Issues agenda helps manufacturers assess the opportunities and challenges ahead as they transition to a new digital business model and to imagine a better future for both their companies and the industry.

The vital importance of developing more resilient and agile supply chains to manage disruption, a strong emphasis on driving sustainable and Net Zero operations, and how to protect against cyber threats in an increasingly connected world are among the key highlights of the Manufacturing Leadership Council’s Critical Issues agenda for 2021/2022.

The seven Critical Issues for 2021/2022, and their key areas of focus, are the following: