Touching Hearts and Changing Culture

In the past few years, large food manufacturers such as General Mills have gone from dominant to disrupted. Rapidly changing consumer tastes and expectations mean that these producers must become more agile and responsive, getting new products to market faster in order to fend off a rising tide of new competitors.


Innovating for the Future

Accelerated innovation driven by digital transformation can solve some of the world’s greatest challenges, believes retiring MLC Board Member & Protolabs CEO, Vicki Holt.

GM Prepares For an All-Electric Future

Gerald Johnson, EVP of Global Manufacturing, believes that technology-powered production agility holds the key to a rapid realization of the company’s “Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions, Zero Congestion” vision.

Seeking Equilibrium After Turbulence

Cisco’s new SVP of Global Manufacturing & Logistics, Mike Coubrough, believes collaborative teamwork, digitization, and shared innovation can help manufacturing transform the future of supply network effectiveness.

Vermeer’s Digital Journey

As the equipment maker takes advantage of digital instructions, the IoT, and 3D printing, a step-by-step approach, flexibility, and careful employee engagement underpin its Manufacturing 4.0 strategy.

Volvo’s Sustainable Ambition

Marc Gombeer, Volvo’s VP of Manufacturing Americas, believes sustainability will become a critical factor for success in the global auto industry.