ML Council Virtual Meeting

Start the year by joining our industry panel to hear their expert insights on the most important economic, technology, leadership, and workforce trends to watch in 2020.

Theme: 2020| Manufacturing in the Year Ahead

Format: Expert Industry Panel

Date: Tuesday, January 14, 2020 @ 11am ET

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Session Description:

What’s in store for manufacturing in the year ahead? Will it be a year of accelerated digital transformation, continuing economic uncertainty, disruptive competitive innovation, leadership team reinvention, or all of the above? The Manufacturing Leadership Council’s annual panel discussion on the New Year will provide expert insights and perspectives on the most important economic, technology, leadership, and workforce trends to watch over the next twelve months. 

This MLC “Critical Issues” panel discussion will address these points:

  • What the key economic indicators are saying about the state of manufacturing now and how they may play out in the year ahead.
  • What the dimensions of the workforce/skills issue are as we enter 2020 and how the industry/NAM should attack the issue in the New Year.
  • What advanced operational and information technologies manufacturers should look at in 2020 in order to progress on their digital journey.
  • What skills and competencies leaders and their teams should adopt to both lead and manage what will become an increasingly digital business model in their companies.

Format Details:

Each panelist will have about 10 minutes for their presentation. Panelists are encouraged to use a slide deck — 16:9 Powerpoint widescreen — for their presentation. After the presentations, the session will be opened to allow MLC members to comment and ask questions.

The session will be recorded and archived in the Council member section of the MLC website.


  • David R. Brousell, Co-Founder of MLC


  • Dr. Chad Moutray, Chief Economist, National Association of Manufacturers
  • Dr. Jill George, Founder, TransformanceWorks
  • Andy Chatha, Founder and President, ARC Advisory Group, and former member of the MLC Board of Governors
  • David McKnight, Assistant Vice President, Business Relations and Partnerships, The Manufacturing Institute