Fireside Chat: Breaking Down Silos to Enhance Manufacturing Performance

Why Data Silos Can Hinder Your Operations



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Session: Breaking Down Silos to Enhance Manufacturing Performance
At the crux of OT/IT convergence is the idea that data silos are a hinderance to closed-loop problem solving and continuous improvement in the factory. Breaking down these data silos can improve manufacturing performance in its totality, including overall equipment effectiveness, quality and cost.

On the flip side, managing siloed data sources keeps factories on defense when responding to production performance problems. A delay in response to these reparable issues results in high labor costs, misallocation of resources and slow throughput.

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Identify the right labor and asset bottlenecks that impede performance
  • Make rapid, proactive changes to improve throughput and fulfillment
  • Improve service levels with short lead times and greater product mix