MxD Virtual Plant Tour, Pt. 1

The Flexible Factory: Lessons from the Nation’s Digital Manufacturing Institute on Technology Integration

The Flexible Factory

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Join the Manufacturing Leadership Council virtually for an opportunity to take an inside look into MxD’s innovation center in Chicago to learn about integrating diverse hardware and software systems for increased agility.

As a neutral space for manufacturing experimentation and demonstration, MxD has millions of dollars in consigned and purchased equipment alongside research project implementations. From quickly mobilizing to manufacture PPE for healthcare workers to retrofitting legacy equipment for remote monitoring, MxD has made disparate systems function and communicate in a variety of scenarios that hold lessons for manufacturers of all sizes and types.

MxD, which stands for “manufacturing times digital,” is where innovative manufacturers go to forge their futures. In partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense, MxD equips factories with the digital tools and expertise they need to begin building every part better than the last. As a result, its approximately 300 partners increase their productivity and win more business.

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