Tech Talk: Data Orchestration and Management

This 30 minute Tech Talk will walk through best practices and guidance, demonstrating how to obtain insights into your business by leveraging your data.

Data Orchestration and Management



From purpose, to adoption, challenges with implementation, best practices on operations, to understanding how to optimize, MLC’s Tech Talks will fuel your knowledge and enable you to stay abreast of new and evolving manufacturing technologies within the market place.

Session: Data Orchestration and Management
As companies advance their data science capabilities, the need for data orchestration and management is often overlooked. Ideas that start with the best intentions end up in the trough of disillusionment, leading to failure to take advantage of real value.


  • Paul Tate, Co-Founding Executive Editor and Senior Content Director, Manufacturing Leadership Council

Subject Matter Experts:

  • Sandeep Anand, Senior Director, Decision Analytics and Science, Infor
  • Paul Dunn, Vice President, Applied Innovation, Infor