Practical Methods of Achieving Scalable Results for your Digital Transformation Program

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April 14, 2021
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MLC Master Class Series: Panel Discussion



Digital transformation and Industry 4.0 programs are on most CxOs’ top strategic planning lists. However, these programs face significant challenges when implemented across business functions, physical sites and global personnel. As a result, they often fail to drive the impact, speed and scale that the business desires. Instead, the program initiatives get stuck in two areas:

  • Pilot purgatory: Manufacturers struggle to scale pilot projects into production efficiently.
  • Scale purgatory: Manufacturers fail to duplicate success past their inaugural implementations.

Join MLC, PTC, Johnson Controls and Accenture for industry-specific insights, implementation examples and an informative discussion on:

How you can become “unstuck” with a preemptive plan designed to overcome obstacles.
How your manufacturing organization can achieve impact with speed and scale.
How you can use five building blocks for successful transformations:

– Plan value to align to business strategy.
– Program design to orchestrate organization, people, processes and technologies.
– Prove value to illustrate real-world impact.
– Scale value to create transformative waves.
– Program governance to ensure ongoing and future success.

David R. Brousell, Co-Founder, Vice President and Executive Editor, Manufacturing Leadership Council

Speakers and Panelists:
Jordan Chaisson, Senior Solution Manager, PTC
David Hartmann, Global Director, Continuous Improvement and JCMS, Johnson Controls, Inc.
Dharmesh Ved, Director, Industry X Strategy and Consulting, Accenture



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