Sustainable Manufacturing: A New Paradigm for Progress

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February 17, 2021
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MLC Master Class Series Webinar

Sustainable Manufacturing: A New Paradigm for Progress

In the digital decade ahead, Sustainable Manufacturing will become a new paradigm for companies who want to stay ahead of the game while striving for progress & prosperity. Already one of the major trends for manufacturing in 2021, many companies have now begun their sustainability journey as consumers, employees, and next-generation workers continue to demand it. Yet as an operational imperative, sustainability presents both challenges and significant benefits for manufacturing management teams as they strive to lower waste based on lean principles, drive efficiency and quality, increase workforce productivity, optimize supply chains, and empower climate-smart product innovation. Understanding how digitization can help companies manage the challenges and opportunities of sustainable manufacturing is now critical to future success.

What about you?

  • Are you fully aware of the challenges and opportunities of sustainability in manufacturing?
  • Do you know how to start or accelerate your journey to sustainable manufacturing?
  • Are you ready to embrace the sustainability opportunity by leveraging the power of innovative technologies to create environments and solutions?

Join as we share:

  • The major trends, challenges, and opportunities driving sustainable manufacturing.
  • A focus on the 3 key pillars of Sustainable Manufacturing: the workforce of the future, global operations optimization, and value network orchestration.
  • Examples of how inspirational industry leaders are transforming and leveraging digitalization in their manufacturing businesses for the better.


  • Paul Tate, Co-Founding Senior Content Director & Executive Editor, Manufacturing Leadership Council
  • Thomas Muth, DELMIS Strategic Business Development & Offer Marketing Director, Dassault Systemes


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