The Road(map) to Manufacturing 4.0: Building a Business Case

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February 3, 2021
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MLC Master Class Series Webinar

The Road(map) to Manufacturing 4.0: Building a Business Case

Successful transformation to Manufacturing 4.0 (M4.0) is both a technical and a management endeavor. It’s a journey that requires a roadmap unique to your organization and that recognizes your capabilities, internal and external environment, and the challenges relative to your operations. It must be based on a leadership consensus and be achievable, to provide short-term gains to create and sustain momentum.

View the MLC and FORCAM to learn how to build a strong business case for M4.0, by:

  • Understanding your data maturity level and the pain points most important to your operations.
  • Translating these pain points into quantifiable and measurable benefits.
  • Governing and executing the implementation to assure that these benefits are realized.

    Speakers and Panelists:

  • Penelope Brown, Content Director, Manufacturing Leadership Council
  • Jeremy Gibbs, Senior Strategy Consultant, FORCAM
  • Rick Homman, Senior Business Consultant. FORCAM
  • Thomas Luck, CEO, FORCAM


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