Steve Moskowitz

Director, Digital Transformation, Entegris

Steven Moskowitz, Ph.D. is the Director of Digital Transformation at Entegris, a specialty chemicals and materials company supporting the semiconductor & life science industries. In this role, Steve is helping to lead Entegris in the use of Digital Solutions across the entire enterprise. An important aspect of that is to craft and support a culture of digital thinking, curiosity, and innovation. Prior to this role, Steve spent about 7 years leading our Innovation Management process as part of the CTO office. Before joining Entegris, he spent 15 years at IBM in a variety of roles within the semiconductor processing fab – from R&D to lean manufacturing to applying lean six sigma principles to R&D. Before joining industry, Steve received my Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Washington and my BA in Chemistry at the University of Rochester. He lives in New York in the beautiful Hudson Valley, where he enjoys cycling, local music, good food, and spending time with family, friends, and his pets (3 cats and a dog).