Manufacturing Leadership Summit 2018

Main Stage Virtual Access

Follow along as the 14th Annual Manufacturing Leadership Summit unfolds June 11-13, 2018 in Huntington Beach, CA.

Gain instant access to the main stage presentations as they happen. The Manufacturing Leadership Summit provides a leadership play book for manufacturing 4.0, along with innovative ideas and emerging trends to future proof your business and improve the bottom line.

Accelerate the Transformation to Manufacturing 4.0

Picking Up the Pace of Manufacturing 4.0

David R. Brousell, Manufacturing Leadership Council
In the last few years, the manufacturing industry has come to realize that the journey to Manufacturing 4.0 is a complex undertaking, with technological change only one part of the transition.

Manufacturing 4.0 Transformation in Action

Brynn Watson, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Embarking on the Manufacturing 4.0 Journey

Praveen Jonnala, CommScope
Manufacturing 4.0 is not just about manufacturing. It is a key capability to enhance Customer Experience. Embarking on Manufacturing 4.0 is not a discrete process just to focus on automating factories and supply chain, it is a continuous journey.

An SMB’s M4.0 Cultural Transformation

Daniel Dwight, Cooley Group
Achieving Sustainable Growth at Cooley has required a cultural transformation. Motivated to transform from being a 90-year-old asset-oriented manufacturer to a people and process-oriented, highly diversified solutions provider, Cooley is successfully driving sustainable growth, using M4.0 as a rallying cry.

SMB Perspectives on Manufacturing 4.0

Daniel Dwight, Cooley Group; Vicki Holt, Proto Labs, Inc; Ryan Lanham, Dynomax Inc; Richard Sade,S&S Hinge
Manufacturing 4.0 isn’t just for large, multi-billion dollar companies. Small- and medium-size manufacturing companies have the opportunity to level the playing field by adopting advanced IT and automation technologies

Blueprint for Disrupting Your Culture and Turning Employees into Innovators

Alex Goryachev, Cisco Systems
To keep pace with rapid changes in today’s digital age, every company must reinvent itself, disrupt its entire workforce and transform into a companywide culture of innovation.

Board of Governors Panel Discussion - Factories of the Future

Dr. Dean Bartles, University of New Hampshire; Jim Davis, UCLA; Larry Lapide, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics; Jay Lee, University of Cincinnati; Dr. Detlef Zuehlke, Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)
How will Factories of the Future be organized and managed in the Manufacturing 4.0 era?

Keynote - Leadership in the Digital Age

Stephen Engel, Hitachi Consulting

What is the profile of a manufacturing leader in the digital age? Learn about the behaviors, skills, and acumen a leader needs to enable their company to successfully embrace Digital Manufacturing.