Next-Generation Leadership and the Changing Workforce

Manufacturing 4.0 requires manufacturing leaders and their teams to be more collaborative, innovative, and responsive to disruptive change. That means leaders must embrace new behaviors, structures, and strategies, and develop more effective ways of identifying, attracting, developing, retaining, and engaging the talent and skills of both the current workforce and the next generation of employees.

Digital Talent: A New Competition for Manufacturers

As they strive to digitize their operations and supply networks, manufacturers increasingly find themselves in direct competition with high-profile, high-tech companies like Google and Apple when it comes to attracting the talent needed to execute on Manufacturing 4.0 strategies.


GM Plant Tour: Culture Really Does Drive Results

In 1991, the last time General Motors’ engine and transmission plant in St. Catharines, Ontario hired production workers, gas was $1.16 a gallon, annual tuition at Harvard was $23,500, and the World Wide Web had just been...


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