These Manufacturing Leadership Council partners are providing special service offers for manufacturers to leverage as they navigate the changes necessitated by COVID-19.

The MLC and the NAM do not specifically endorse any products or services; offers are posted here for informational purposes only.


EPSoft™ Technologies can help manufacturers leverage process automation to keep critical business functions running reliably and inexpensively. EPSoft™ is offering its Intelligent Process Automation Platform free of any subscription fees for the remainder of 2020.
(This offer valid only for MLC members.)


OpenText provides solutions that help manufacturers simplify remote collaboration for engineering and other operations teams that may be unaccustomed to working outside the manufacturing facility. The company is offering free trials of business continuity tools to assist with remote operations while improving network security.

Please note that these are intended as a helpful reference point and this is not legal advice. We still recommend consulting with your appropriate regulators and key stakeholders, including legal counsel, before deciding on how to best proceed with your company’s operations. These are simply “examples of what others are doing” not guidance from the MLC and NAM.