MLC Master Class Series Rethink Deep Dive

Rethink Deep Dive - March 5, 2021

Intelligent Process Automation: How to Reframe Your Business with Absolute Visibility

As companies begin to understand how process automation technologies (e.g., process discovery, BPM, RPA and AI) work as a dynamic, they discover that intelligent automation can be greater than the sum of its parts. Any single technology has the power to reframe a business process by improving efficiencies and reducing operating costs. But it’s only when those technologies align with business outcomes and work concomitantly and continuously together as part of an overall strategy that they become transformative.

View this in-depth session to explore best practices and front-line business cases on how intelligent automation can provide absolute visibility into all aspects of the business to deliver optimal performance and productivity. Business case success metrics include eliminating $40,000 in monthly costs and uncovering $16 million in unrealized revenue, improving time to revenue by 15 days and reducing processing time from 40 hours to just 40 seconds!


  • Carolyn Jenkins, CSO and head of product, EPSoft

Andrew Leichter, CTO, EPSoft


Rethink Deep Dive: Intelligent Process Automation

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