MxD Virtual Plant Tour

Wednesday, November 18 | 11:00am to 1:00pm ET
Theme: The Flexible Factory: Lessons from the Nation’s Digital Manufacturing Institute on Technology Integration

The Flexible Factory: Lessons from the Nation’s Digital Manufacturing Institute on Technology Integration

Join the Manufacturing Leadership Council virtually for an opportunity to take an inside look into MxD’s innovation center in Chicago to learn about integrating diverse hardware and software systems for increased agility.

As a neutral space for manufacturing experimentation and demonstration, MxD has millions of dollars in consigned and purchased equipment alongside research project implementations. From quickly mobilizing to manufacture PPE for healthcare workers to retrofitting legacy equipment for remote monitoring, MxD has made disparate systems function and communicate in a variety of scenarios that hold lessons for manufacturers of all sizes and types.

MxD, which stands for “manufacturing times digital,” is where innovative manufacturers go to forge their futures. In partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense, MxD equips factories with the digital tools and expertise they need to begin building every part better than the last. As a result, its approximately 300 partners increase their productivity and win more business.

Walk Away With Actionable Insights

Attend this plant tour, which will be followed by a panel discussion on the technology integration at various stages of the digital journey, and walk away with actionable insights, including:

How to combine basic hardware with good software to solve common problems (digital manufacturing does not need to break the bank)

Different ways to address digital manufacturing gaps in existing industrial equipment

Non-invasive ways to gather data from machines that do not damage equipment or void the warranty

How integrating digital technologies into manual processes can enhance the productivity of your workforce and save time by bringing real data to bear on pain points

MxD – Entrance

MxD’s innovation center is located just north of downtown Chicago.

MxD – Discrete Testbed

The Discrete Testbed produces souvenir coins and reports out live data. The line is equipped with a dozen sensors monitoring everything from ambient temperature to machine vibration.

MxD – Visual Digital Retrofit Project

A visual digital retrofit project shows an analog-to-digital conversion that emerged from an MxD research project.

MxD – Autodesk Generative Design Field Lab

The Autodesk Generative Design Field Lab shows how generative design allows users to select their preferred manufacturing processes at the outset to ensure whichever solution they choose will be manufacturable with the equipment they have.

MxD Factory Floor

Its 22,000 square-foot manufacturing floor allows for testing and demonstration, alongside collaborative office and event space for networking and training.

MxD – Discrete Testbed Close up

A close-up of the Discrete Testbed shows custom fixtures 3D printed in-house to move the token through post-production processes.

MxD – Assembly Testbed

The Assembly Testbed shows the integration of digital training and monitoring features that are overlaid on a largely manual process.

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Agenda in EDT


November 18, 2020

11:00am to 11:05am – Manufacturing Leadership Council Welcome
11:05am to 11:15am – MxD Welcome & Overview Presentation
11:15am to 12:15pm – MxD Plant Tour
12:15pm to 1:00pm – Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

David Brousell
, Manufacturing Leadership Council


Chandra Brown, CEO, MxD
Chandra Brown,
CEO, MxD; Member, Manufacturing Leadership Council

Tony Del Sesto
, Technical Fellow, MxD

Sean Manzanares, Senior Manager of Business Strategy and Marketing, North America and Asia Pacific, Autodesk, Inc.

Federico Sciammarella, President & CTO, MxD


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