Manufacturing is on the front lines of the nation’s response to COVID-19. They are also taking measures aimed at reassuring their employees about safety as they continue to report to work. As shared on recent MLC and NAM webinars, these are actions that companies are taking to ease employees’ fears. This is not guidance from the NAM or the MLC, but rather a report on examples of what companies are doing in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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5 Considerations Manufacturers Are Making for the Path Ahead​

As companies make plans for bringing employees back to work, what considerations are they making for ensuring employee safety?

COVID-19 Operational Resources and Shared Practices

The resources available on this website focus on the operations aspects of response and recovery, including production, leadership, and technology integration.

5 Ways Manufacturers are Reassuring Essential Employees during COVID-19​

With manufacturing on the front lines of the nation’s crisis response efforts, companies reassure their employees about safety at work.

Please note that these are intended as a helpful reference point and this is not legal advice. We still recommend consulting with your appropriate regulators and key stakeholders, including legal counsel, before deciding on how to best proceed with your company’s operations. These are simply “examples of what others are doing” not guidance from the MLC and NAM.