MLC Master Class Series Rethink Deep Dive

Rethink Deep Dive - Feb. 19, 2021


5G networking technologies promise a radical step change in manufacturing’s ability to pursue digital transformation. From enabling AI at the edge to improving a company’s ability to scale future factories, 5G technology is poised to have a significant impact on networking capacity, speed, latency, bandwidth and security. It is also likely to influence industrial connectivity across machines, applications, processes and people. The session discusses how manufacturing companies can prepare for, deploy, manage and maximize this technology to help them transform their operations.


  • Andy Albrecht, senior application executive 5G, AT&T Business
  • David LeBlanc, director of channel marketing, manufacturing, transportation and CPG, AT&T Business


Rethink Deep Dive: Can 5G Accelerate M4.0 Transformation?

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