Building on themes covered in the June issue of the Manufacturing Leadership Journal, the MLC launched a series of virtual meetings on the topic of What’s Next for Manufacturing? The four-part virtual meeting series featured front line stories and expert perspectives about the crisis and what lies ahead.

Virtual Meeting


Lessons learned from real-life examples on how M4.0 supported rapid response, including GM, Protolabs, and 3M.

Virtual Meeting

THE RECOVERY: A Rocky Road Ahead?

A look at how manufacturing recovery strategies in action at BWI Group, plus NAM economic projections for the year ahead.

Virtual Meeting


Insights on the post-pandemic changes coming to the supply chain from IDC’s Simon Ellis and Bart Talloen of Johnson & Johnson.

Virtual Meeting


Where do we go from here? Leaders from Lockheed Martin, IBM, and VirTex Enterprises share what they see as manufacturing’s future.

Please note that these are intended as a helpful reference point and this is not legal advice. We still recommend consulting with your appropriate regulators and key stakeholders, including legal counsel, before deciding on how to best proceed with your company’s operations. These are simply “examples of what others are doing” not guidance from the MLC and NAM.