ADMINISTRATIVE — Internal Communications about the Crisis

How frequently are you communicating with employees, and through what means? What can be done to reassure workers during an anxious time? What types of resources are you providing for employees who want more information about coronavirus?

ADMINISTRATIVE — Travel Restrictions

Are corporate travel restrictions causing a slowdown in operations? Have you limited or banned employee personal travel? What is your policy for any employee who has visited a high-risk area? What guidance are you using to determine when it will be safe for employees to travel again?

ADMINISTRATIVE — Remote Work Considerations

How has your IT team responded to setting up remote operations for those who can work from home? What challenges have they encountered? Have you created a formalized work-from-home policy for employees? What types of training have you offered to help employees navigate the transition?

PROTECTION MEASURES — Symptom Check Protocols

Are you taking employees’ temperatures on the work site, and what types of protocols do you follow for this process? Are employees permitted to monitor and log their own symptoms? If an employee presents symptoms, what is protocol for removing the employee from the job site? What is required for an employee to return to work?

PROTECTION MEASURES — Visitors, Contractors, and Vendors

Are you continuing to allow visitors on your work site? What types of restrictions or limits are in place for visitors or workers from other companies (i.e. vendors) at your plant? If you employ contract technical or mechanical staff, are you continuing to do so?

PROTECTION MEASURES — On-Site Protective Measures

Are you enacting social distancing measures? How are they enforced? Have you staggered shifts or breaks to allow more personal space? Have you enacted new cleaning or PPE protocols? Have you limited on-site meetings between employees? How do you handle employees who may have been in contact with the virus through secondary exposure (i.e. through a family member)?

PROTECTION MEASURES — When an Employee Becomes Ill

Has an employee in your facility tested positive? What are your protocols after a reported illness? Do you have measures in place to track who may have been in contact with an infected employee? What are your requirements for allowing that employee to return to work?

OPERATIONS — Contingency Planning and Business Continuity

Do you feel the emergency planning your company had in place has been adequate for this crisis so far? What are the best practices for creating a business continuity plan? Have you created special task forces or committees at your company to lead through the crisis?

OPERATIONS — Labor Shortages

Are you prepared to deal with disruptions from factory floor absenteeism? How can you minimize the impact?

OPERATIONS — Supply Network Disruptions

How are you working to keep your supply chain intact? What types of discussions are you having with your current suppliers? What specific disruptions are threatening your business continuity?

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