COVID-19 Discussion Forum for Manufacturers

Manufacturing operations leaders have many questions as they navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Collectively, our community also has many answers. The MLC has created a forum to help operations leaders exchange advice, information and resources. To find information on a topic of concern to you, click on a category below. If you have knowledge to share, please add your insights to the individual topics.

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COVID-19 Policy Questions
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If you are interested in producing vital equipment and supplies to aid in the COVID-19 response, please take this survey. The NAM is logging all manufacturers who are able to help and sending them to the appropriate teams in the federal government.

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ADMINISTRATIVE — Employee Leave and Absenteeism

What types of changes are you making to employee leave policies? How do you accommodate employees who suddenly need to be home with children? Are you putting measures in place to discourage sick employees from reporting to work,...

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ADMINISTRATIVE — Travel Restrictions

Are corporate travel restrictions causing a slowdown in operations? Have you limited or banned employee personal travel? What is your policy for any employee who has visited a high-risk area? What guidance are you using to...

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ADMINISTRATIVE — Remote Work Considerations

How has your IT team responded to setting up remote operations for those who can work from home? What challenges have they encountered? Have you created a formalized work-from-home policy for employees? What types of training...

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PROTECTION MEASURES — Symptom Check Protocols

Are you taking employees’ temperatures on the work site, and what types of protocols do you follow for this process? Are employees permitted to monitor and log their own symptoms? If an employee presents symptoms, what is...

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