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Creating a Listening Culture

Listening to employees and turning their ideas into reality helps drive new ways of doing business, believes Worthington Industries VP, Joe Resko.  

Q: What is your role and focus at Worthington Industries?
A: As Vice President of Global Operations for Building Products and Sustainable Energy Solutions at Worthington, I am focused on the safety of all of our employees, at work and at home, ensuring world class quality for our customers, and supporting our production employees in all that they do.

Q: What are the most pressing issues facing the manufacturing industry today?
A: Although the employment market has gotten somewhat better, it is still hard to find employees that have experience in our manufacturing environment. 

Q: What is the most important corporate initiative you are involved in?
A: Working with our facilities on understanding what type of automation projects will make their jobs better and then implementing those ideas. Our employees have many great ideas to help support our safety and quality culture.

Q: What are the most important qualities that manufacturing leaders will need in the future?
A: Having even better listening skills. Our teams know what needs to be done and when. We need to continue to make the ideas of our employees become the way we do business.

Q: What are the greatest opportunities for manufacturers over the next five years?
A: Automation and new product development are great opportunities for the future. Both arenas are in the continued sweet spot for many manufacturing companies.

Q: What is your favourite activity outside work, or the last book you read?
A: I love spending time with my girls, and anything outdoors. I love to hunt and fish.  M

Fact File:

Name: Joe Resko
Title: Vice President, Global Operations
Company: Worthington Industries
HQ: Columbus, Ohio
People: 8,400 Employees (2022)
Revenues: $5.42 billion (2022)
Industry: Steel Processing/Metal Fabrication

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