Master Class

Centralizing Data Analysis for Leveragability and Effective Predictive Maintenance Decision Making


Predictive (PdM) technology continues to advance and provide increasing value to industrial maintenance programs.

Now more than ever, the leveragability of knowledge is important with labor and talent shortages continuing to strain manufacturers as they struggle to find skilled technical talent.

Relying on local resources and talent in today’s shrinking labor market is not a sustainable strategy, whereas leveraging knowledge from a centralized source, provides manufacturers remote expertise and stability in the unstable market of today.

During this Tech Talk, you will be provided best practices and actionable take-aways including:

  • Automating predictive maintenance data collection through sensor technology
  • Centralizing analysis for prescriptive action
  • Leveraging subject matter expertise for collaborative resolution support
  • Utilizing predictive maintenance findings to optimize preventive maintenance enterprise-wide
  • Technology application and the migration to condition-based maintenance