Decision Compass Call: Adapting Organizational Structure to Accommodate Workforce Skill Set and Needs

October 7, 11:00 AM EDT


“The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be”-  Yogi Berra

The pandemic forced organizations to adapt to disruptions in the environment, particularly in how work is done. A hybrid workforce emerged into what is now referred to as a “new normal” of working remotely from home and working on-site in a restricted-contact environment.

What organizations learned from this experience is that the rules of a functional organization and its associated “turf” battles were suspended in favor of a network of problem solvers without boundaries that quickly solved problems and made rapid decisions in response to clear and present threats in the environment.  The other learning point that emerged from covid constraints is the need for an agile workforce that can rapidly adapt to dramatic changes.

Consequently, the next generation leaders must know how to adapt the organization’s systems and structures to accommodate the emerging skills and needs of their people needed to meet the next new normal, and the next new normal after that, ad infinitum. This presentation incorporates lessons learned during the pandemic and discusses how the organization’s systems, structure, and style of leadership can create and sustain an agile organization in a way that both creates and protects value through flexible, integrated networks and rapid, data-driven decisions.

Topic Leader: Michael Aroney, Executive Consultant, Allied Reliability

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