Deep Dive: Unleash the Full Potential in Manufacturing with 5G

Discover how 5G cellular wireless technology helps manufacturers collect more data, gain flexibility over administrative and operations controls, and increase network reliability and security.

Unleash Full Potential in Manufacturing with 5G



Deep Dive sessions continue and expand the learning necessary to be successful with advanced manufacturing technologies. They are designed to deal with the many complexities surrounding new technologies and their effects. Deep Dives provide a more in-depth understanding of the technologies, how and where they can be applied and how they can create new competitive advantages.

Unleash the Full Potential in Manufacturing with 5G
5G, the fifth generation of cellular wireless technology, is poised to transform manufacturing operations. Through unprecedented speed, low latency and bandwidth capacity, 5G using mmWave spectrum enables manufacturers to collect more data and compute more information faster to make better business decisions.

  • Andy Albrecht, Senior Application Executive 5G, AT&T Business
  • David LeBlanc, Director of Digital Transformation, AT&T Business Time