In the spring of 2021, the Manufacturing Leadership Council launched its Manufacturing in 2030 Project. The project’s main goal is to enable manufacturers to envision what manufacturing might look like by the year 2030.

Realizing this goal entails thinking broadly about the context in which manufacturing will operate in the decade ahead, including the population, demographic, and economic trends that will shape the industry. In addition, it entails understanding the direction and velocity of technological trends associated with Manufacturing 4.0, the
industry’s transition to the digital model of manufacturing. Perhaps most importantly, it entails identifying and understanding the challenges that all will face as the industry moves to the next stage of Manufacturing 4.0.
Armed with these understandings, manufacturers can better plan their longer-term future and find ways to enhance their value, competitiveness, and contribution to society.

This white paper consists of three major parts – an examination of Megatrends affecting the industry; Industry Trends and Themes, including major technologies such as artificial intelligence; and Decision Points on the Road Ahead, including key questions that the industry needs to address in the years ahead.

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