The Manufacturing Leadership Journal August 2021

Manufacturing 4.0 Data Mastery

Dialogue with Nilo Caravaca

The right digital technologies, talent, and engagement multiplies performance, says ML Award winner Nilo Caravaca.


Growing Pains

Manufacturers see data’s massive potential to improve operations, predict disruptions, and bring about new revenue streams, but realizing that promise continues to be a work in progress.


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Crossing the Data Chasm

August 10, 2021

In 1991, Geoffrey Moore published his seminal book on high tech marketing called “Crossing the Chasm”. Moore’s thesis was that there is a gap, or chasm, between early adopters of a high technology product and the mainstream early majority.

ML Journal

POV: M4.0 Data Mastery

August 10, 2021

Having access to a lot of data might make an organization smart, but extracting insights from that data and applying it to business decisions will make an organization truly intelligent.

ML Journal

Data: The New Differentiator

August 10, 2021

Most manufacturers tend to view the value of their data in terms of its use in optimizing operations. But by managing data as a strategic business asset, its value could be much greater.

ML Journal

The Faster Path from Data to Decision

August 5, 2021

Many manufacturers find that collecting data is no great challenge, but an improper foundation of architecture, governance, and analytics can make it hard to put that data to use.   

ML Journal

Making Big Data Consumable

August 10, 2021

Data strategies and next-generation tactics will help organizations embrace the new decision-making framework they need to fully operationalize data insights.   

ML Journal

Harnessing the Data Overload

August 10, 2021

To truly harness data, we need to capture it, control it, understand it, and convert it to action.

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