The End of the Beginning

The ML Council’s latest Factories of the Future survey suggests that manufacturers are at the end of the first phase of their journey to Manufacturing 4.0, and are now taking concrete steps to deal with challenges and create lasting competitive advantage.


The Opportunities Ahead

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on much of the industry so far this year, but manufacturers see a host of operational, supply chain, and cultural improvement opportunities emerging from the crisis.

M4.0 Data Mastery: The Key to Future Competitiveness

As manufacturers prepare for an explosion of data over the next few years, they will need to learn fast and embrace new analytical technologies, internal structures, and corporate cultures to turn that data into meaningful business-changing predictive insights, according to a new MLC survey. But many struggle with organizing around the data opportunity and developing ROI models.

A Sober View of Future Factories

As they anticipate an accelerated adoption of new technologies over the next couple of years, manufacturers envision that factories and plants will be a mixture of the future and the past, reveals the MLC’s new Factories of the Future survey.

The Sustainability Imperative: Embracing the External Dimension

Sustainable manufacturing strategies are now critical to the industry’s ability to drive future competitiveness and growth, and improve corporate reputations, according to the latest Manufacturing Leadership Council survey. But a lack of appropriate funding, the right technologies, and clear employee incentives are hindering the rate of progress.

M4.0: It’s Really a Cultural Revolution

Big changes in corporate culture will be necessary for manufacturers to make a successful transition to the digital era, a new Manufacturing Leadership Council survey on Manufacturing 4.0 culture reveals.